Best Male Sex Toy : Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole LoveHoney

Our pick as the best male sex toy you can currently buy in the UK is the

Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator.

Few men have tried the Flip Hole and been left disappointed.  In fact, it’s easy to spot a user of the Flip Hole – he walks around with a big grin on his face! The intricately ribbed and nuenced design of the interior goes beyond that of any previous masturbation sleeve.  But what really sets the Flip Hole apart is the fact that you can manipulate the sensations you feel by means of buttons at the side of the toy.  Pressing each button causes a different kind of vacuum pressure to sweep through the inside.  And when your penis is in there to experience it, the result is out of this world.  Pressing one button will create a kind of sucking sensation which is very like an amazing blowjob.  The other two buttons create sensations that you probably never have experienced from real sex.  The Tenga Flip Hole is arguably the first ever male sex toy to improve upon the real thing.

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Best Affordable Realistic Sex Doll – Penthouse Dolls

Penthouse are now making realisticly beautiful life-size sex dolls based on their famous ‘Penthouse Pets’, and yet priced at under £1,000.  These Penthouse sex dolls look amazing, like real females when they are being fucked – click on the banner below to watch videos of them being fucked by porn actors (and actresses!) :

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Best New Fleshlight – Flight

flight fleshlight toyFleshlight Flight (£49)

The Flight represents the most radical design change in the Fleshlight since the famous male sex toy was first released onto the market a decade ago.

The Flight features a unique aerodynamic interior full of bumps that combine to produce an amazing sensation.  To top it off, the suction level can be simply altered by turning the cap of the toy.

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Best Blowjob Toy – The Autoblow

The Autoblow Blowjob Toy (£99)
autoblow uk

The most famous blowjob toy in the world is now available to buy in the UK. The world’s first automatic sucking machine for men, a blowjob toy that threatens to put British women out of business! It’s cheaper, has more stamina, won’t give you a nasty disease, never gets a headache or says no, and is a one time investment that won’t keep draining your wallet. The Autoblow is one of the most popular male sex toys in the world, and now you can find out yourself just why!

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Best New Male Sex Toy – Spider Masturbator

Spider MasturbatorSpider Masturbator (£89.99)

The Spider is a realistic masturbator in the style of Fleshlight and its many imitators.  It gets the name ‘Spider’ from the fact that – thanks to a sucktion cup on the end of the case – you can stick the toy on any wall or flat surface for an amazingn hands free masturbation experience!

This feature is obviously the selling point and what sets it apart from other male sex toys in the pocket pussy category.  However, it’s not just a one trick pony – the quality of the masturbation sleeve is amazing.  I don’t always use the ‘hands free’ feature because I don’t have many convenient places to stick it to – and you really do need a very flat surface for it.  Nethertheless, this is now my favourite masturbator, for the simple reason that the feel of the sleeve is the most velvety and delicious that I have ever experienced – and that includes Fleshlights.

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Best Vibrating Cock Ring

lelo torLelo Tor Vibrating Cock Ring (£64.99)

Probably the best vibrating cock ring in the world by a country mile, the Lelo Tor is the ultimate in luxury male sex toys.

The Tor has six different vibration modes, and is made from smooth and stretchy elastomer material.

This can be used as an exquisite solo masturbation aid for men, or as the perfect sex toy for couples to enhance love making.

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Best Cheap Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating Love RingBasic Sex Toys Vibrating Love Ring (£1.99)

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap vibrating cock ring then this Basic Sex Toys model is the perfect buy!  This fun love ring will wrap around your penis giving both yourself and your partner an extra magic thrill during love making.

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Best Masturbator Under £20

If you want a good masturbator, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Tenga or a Fleshlight.  There are a few high quality cheap alternatives out there (of course there are many cheap masturbators that will leave you screaming in fury at wasting your money).  These masturbators might not last as long as a Fleshlight, or quite achieve that toy’s amazing realistic feeling, or perhaps match the FlipHole’s incredible ridges and bumps and vacuum ecstasy, but for under £20, we heartily recommend the following two masturbators.  They’re particularly excellent buys if you have never bought a male masturbator before, and you want a good one at the cheapest price possible as your introduction to getting off with a sex toy.

Tracy Cox Supersex Sensation Stroker (£19.99)

tracy cox supersex sensation smallThe Supersex Sensation lives up to its name – a male masturbator for under £20 that both looks and feels like a much more expensive toy.  This stroker has THREE separate chambers, each containing different sets of ridges and nubs, giving your penis incredible sensations as you slide in deeper.

This has quickly become the best selling male sex toy at LoveHoney, and also one of the highest rated.

Superb value and can’t come highly recommended enough.

Sue Johanson Head Honcho (£14.99)

Head Honcho SmallThe Head Honcho is already a legendary male stroker, a toy that produces unbelievably satisfying sensations for such a cheap price.

The inner sleeve ridges and nodules are almost on the scale of the Tenga Flip Hole, while the material is soft and bendy whilst gripping firmly around your penis.

Another great bargain, and even cheaper than the Supersex Sensation!

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Best HandJob Stroker Sex Toys

Handjob Sex Toy StrokerHa, I bet you didn’t even know that Handjob Male Masturbators even existed.  Well, they do.  In fact there’s quite a number on the market, but I’ve never seen one that looks quite as much fun as the Adam and Eve Kayden Kross Cyberskin Handjob Stroker.  For such a cheap toy (£14.99), the fingers, skin, and hand of this mini-stroker all look and feel incredibly realistic.  The hand has been expertly crafted out of super real Cyberskin from the actual hand of petite porn star Kayden Kross.  The stroker itself is quite sophisticated too, with a pleasing array of ridges lining its interior.

SOM Handjob MachineIf you’ve got a little more money to spend (£349.99) and are looking for the ultimate in Handjob masturbation then there is nothing better than the SOM Handjob Machine.  This incredible Japanese sex machine delivers the perfect handjob on que, whenever you want – you just have to slide your penis in and switch it on!

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Best Male Vibrator – The Cobra Libre

cobra libre smallOur pick as the best male vibrator – The Cobra Libre Sex Toy for Men

There aren’t many vibrators for men, so the Cobra Libre admittedly hasn’t much competition in this category, but not only does the Cobra deserve praise for being one of the first genuine male vibrators, it ranks as one of the very best male sex toys we have ever tested.  In fact, in our honest opinion, it’s a toss up between the Cobra Libre and the Tenga Flip Hole for the title of the best male sex toy ever invented.

The Cobra looks like a rather cool racing car toy, but insert your penis into it, and two powerful motors will rev up and send wave after wave of intense pleasure into your penis.  This toy is freaking crazy.  You can even manipulate what you feel by touching and gently exerting pressure on the masturbation ‘sleeve’.  The more skilled you become at this, the greater heights of joy your penis reaches.

This is a stunning and ground breaking new sex toy for men.  The only comparison I can make with existing male sex toys is to liken it to a Tenga Flip Hole that vibrates.  Move over women, now the men have a vibrator that beats the real thing.

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